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Welcome to the Saco Self Storage website.

Let’s face it, there are many self-storage facilities in this area. Selecting the right facility can be somewhat overwhelming. We want to make it easy for you. At any time, feel free to Contact Us for any information you need or questions you may have.

What features should you look for when selecting a self-storage facility?


How do the buildings look from the outside? They should be in good shape with no noticeable defects.


Is the self-storage facility well-lit on the outside for security purposes? Safety and security should be evident and indicates how well the facility is managed.


A good level of occupancy is a pretty good indication that the facility is customer oriented and provides a good level of customer service.


The self-storage complex should be fully gated to prevent unauthorized access. Is gate access permitted using a keypad?


How clean and tidy does the premises look? Is there any trash lying around or dirt and grime on the storage buildings?

Parking Space

When you arrive at the facility, look around. Is there adequate parking areas to allow easy access to your storage unit?


The entire self-storage facility should be fenced and the fence should be in good condition-no holes, no rust, no missing fence areas.

On-Site Management

Is the on-site staff helpful? Are they customer service oriented?

Saco Self Storage offers all of the features above and more! We strive to offer you the best value, excellent customer service and a clean, secure facility with no contract required! Yes, it’s that easy.